10/09/2011 R Tyler 0 Comments

A very simple Firefox browser problem which had me stumped for quite a while! Turns out this has been around since Firefox 4 was released way back in March 2011. — I often want to check all the pages in a website for visual glitches on different platforms. I’ll sometimes want to check for display problems (on web pages across an entire website) which have crept in due changes in DOM handling on new browser releases.

29/05/2011 R Tyler 0 Comments

Just wondering if anyone else has seen this ‘glitch’ (I suspect more than a glitch though) with Facebook? I’m pretty new on the ‘book’ so I just wanted to see if anyone was looking up my featured website. All of a sudden I’m presented with ‘Flirt’ which wants to share my details with all and sundry. Fair enough I thought, at least they’re asking. But I decide I dont want to allow them permission to share my details and stuff so I click the button “Don’t allow”.

08/02/2010 R Tyler 0 Comments

Reader, if you don’t use the b2evolution blogging software this post is unlikely to be of any interest whatsoever….if you do use b2evolution and have recently upgraded then you may have arrived here after experiencing the same problem. Having upgraded the Moggyblog.com site recently from version 2.4 to 3.3.3. I suddenly found I couldn’t upload files (in this case JPEG images) after creating a new post. Searched high and low on the usual forums and there was no mention of any similar problems with other users of the new upgraded system.

02/10/2009 R Tyler 0 Comments

Someone contacted a client of mine (via junk mail as it turns out) claiming that their website was not registered in “most of the leading search engines and directories”, and offering to submit the site for a (shall we say) hefty fee in order to reap ‘amazing business potential’. Well once this client got in touch with me I became very interested how this could be! I thought to myself “what proportion of these ‘other’ engines would make up the rest of the search engines in use in the U.K. given that I’d already submitted the site to Google, MSN, Yahoo and Hotbot.

23/06/2008 R Tyler 0 Comments


Embedding Your Flash File in a XHTML Page.

I spent many happy (I think not) hours looking for a way to embed my movie into an xhtml page. You can check the result here http://www.tileandtubs.com if you would please, or just take my word for it. If you really must join me in having flash embedded content in your web developments (frowned upon in many circles I know, and sometimes for good reason) look no further than the method that follows….