About Wavdesign

Site Overview.

The Wavdesign Web Development website and Blog Pages was set up in 2002. It is wholly run be me.

The service came about gradually whilst creating various websites for my own personal use. It then grew as friends/acquaintance asked me to create sites for their own personal pages and small businesses. Finally, in around 2005 the site was put on ‘hold’ when I began to work as a web developer in my day job. At this time it was simply a case of work prorities taking over. However, having a live working website proved useful as a means to provide a testing ground for many of the new web development technologies being adopted by the industry at the time.

For example the site allowed me to carry of trials of page frameworks, CSS Preprocessing methods like SASS and Media Query trials which I am able to roll out to other web sites. Also, as WavDesign is a WordPress site it has allowed me to become fully familiar with the WordPress CMS platform. Many of the sites I have build use this popular weblogging framework.

The ‘sister’ site Wavdesign.co.uk is built using ASP.NET (Web Form and MVC) Technologies. This site also serves as a test platform so that I can try out features and technologies using components of the Microsoft technology stack.

Today, Wavdesign is still operational as a web development service, but the work has been scaled back to allow me to focus on my main employment. On average I allow myself to take on one or two new developments (websites) in any one year.

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