Just a few of the questions which have been asked, include the following:

Q. Why should I choose Wavdesign rather than a larger design company. How can I be sure the site will be fit for purpose and the quality will be high?

A. Wavdesign offers a personal one to one service and I’m friendly, approachable and always ready to listen to your changing plans for your site. You can be in on the design decisions all the way through the design process. After all it is your site I’ll be building! You wont be excluded (and presented with a web site which may not meet your needs or original requirements). Also if you request changes I will keep revising a design until its just right and fit for its intended purpose.

Q. How much do you charge for a web site development?

A. Charges depend on the complexity of the project. Please email me or send a message via the contact form to request a price breakdown of my services. For charitable organisation’s I will carry out work for free, providing of course that I have free time available. Under these circumstances I would need all ‘copy’ and photographs to be sent to me for use on the site. I will however be able to develop logo ideas, navigation, form controls, a dedicated database and so forth.

Q. What is the cost of building a typical website?

A. The costs for design, development and construction will (of course) be based on the amount of work required. Should a prospective client contact me for a quote for a site development I will provide a (non-fixed) preliminary quote so that a client may gain an insight into the likely fee involved. A fixed quote would then be provided later following further discussions. Once a quote is fixed then I do not alter this for any reason other than very large changes to a project brief. I am very flexible on this and will not quibble over additional work. My aim is simply to please the client at each stage of a development. My prices are extremely competitive and what is more you will get a personal dedicated service. Please contact me at any time for a no obligation quote.

Q. I only want a single page site. Can you design and build this at a pro-rata price?

A. Small web sites pose no problems to develop. I would be glad to take on small single page sites such as a blog or newsletter page. The cost would be negotiable depending on the complexity of the project.

Q. How long will it take to develop my site so that it can be uploaded to the internet?

A. The time to upload depends on the complexity of the project. For a simple basic site the time to upload could be as little as two weeks, providing of course that all the site specific content (text, photographs, music files, product list etc) have been provided. For a large project with multiple pages and, say, a database facility, the development time would be from six to ten weeks. In cases such as this (i.e. if a client is keen to get content online quickly) the implementation could be phased so as to introduce valid content pages gradually whilst ensuring that the visitor knows that the pages are in development.

Q. How will I arrange payment for the work on my site.

A. Payment for a site design, development and upload can be made to suit your requirements. For instance I would accept a cash payment or a cheque on completion of the work (i.e. at such time as when you are satisfied that the site meets your needs). For ongoing work, payments can be made via a pro-rata monthly fee, again to suit your pocket, and only when you are satisfied that the work is meeting your needs. (On payment you will be provided with a compact disk of all source code so that you have complete control over your site and where to host it). For initial payments (i.e. when you have agreed that the work is to be been undertaken) I would request approximately one third of the full (agreed) fee to be paid in advance. Of course this would be refundable in the unlikely event that you find the site development is unsuitable to your needs. Finally, I will document the purpose, milestones and expected outcomes of the project (in a contractual form) for agreement and signing by both parties, so that we can each track the project progress until completion.

Please email, text or call me with any further query you may have. I’ll always give a prompt reply to genuine e-mail/webform queries.

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