05/02/2012 R Tyler 0 Comments

I’m just dabbling with developing mobile phone applications (in this case ‘Android’) using the ‘Eclipse’ development environment (http://www.eclipse.org/platform). On loading new sample projects I’m getting Software Development Kit errors quite often. So, I have provided below (for myself, and anyone who is having similar problems) the relevant platform versions to install, based on the error received: For Example, you are presented with the error: “Android SDK Error: Unable to resolve target ‘android-10′”

26/11/2011 R Tyler 0 Comments

So, you’ve built your web icon or application (perhaps in the ‘Eclipse’ development environment) and you have tested it thoroughly on your virtual platform and phone. The next step is perhaps allowing people to load your work directly onto their phone from your web site. Ive just done this by using the following reference document on the Blackberry website: