Deploying Blackberry Applications from a website – source code improvement available for download

26/11/2011 R Tyler 0 Comments

So, you’ve built your web icon or application (perhaps in the ‘Eclipse’ development environment) and you have tested it thoroughly on your virtual platform and phone. The next step is perhaps allowing people to load your work directly onto their phone from your web site. I’ve just done this by using the following reference document on the Blackberry website: BlackBerry_Application_Web_Loader_Developer_Guide.pdf
The main steps are listed below, but I wouldn’t want to repeat the whole procedure here, so you’d best download the document if you havent already…

Enable the application web loader on a web server

The upshot is that the “web page template” provided is a bit basic to say the least and has a number of drawbacks for a cut and paste job (can be useful in many circumstances when you’re in a hurry, Ive found). Without going into too much detail the drawbacks are an incorrect doc type which renders the page in quirks mode. The style information included also doesn’t seem to match the tags within the document, so the styling is almost none existent!

Well, to get to the point, for those of you who have yet to handle this deployment page, I’ve attached a revised and updated fully styled version of the deployment page below. A second concern which struck me was the lack of the ‘’ file reference in a further sub-section of the source document cited above. The section begins…

Transfer the .cab, .jad, and .cod files to a web server

…. and I’m thinking what ‘’ file? It seemed to be missing from the “Blackberry Application Web Loader” download. But it was there, buried in with the .pdf install. The path should be something like: ‘C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Application Web Loader 1.1.0″‘. It certainly stumped me for a while, and my searches on the forums and RIM site didn’t reveal any further information. Anyway, I hope the HTML and CSS (attachment below) is of use to you developer! Its not perfect but its an improvement on the default ‘look and feel’ provided.



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