b2evolution version 3.3.3 – so where’s the file upload popup? – solved!

08/02/2010 R Tyler 0 Comments

Reader, if you don’t use the b2evolution blogging software this post is unlikely to be of any interest whatsoever….if you do use b2evolution and have recently upgraded then you may have arrived here after experiencing the same problem. Having upgraded the Moggyblog.com site recently from the b2evolution CMS version 2.4 to 3.3.3. I suddenly found I couldn’t upload files (in this case .JPEG images) after creating a new post. Searched high and low on the usual forums and there was no mention of any similar problems with other users of the new upgraded system. Following days of searching and as a last resort digging around for a few hours in the user settings I found the culprit setting (…or was it just me perhaps).

Under the ‘Global Setting | Files we have the ‘Enable Filemanager’ menu option. Just click the checkbox to enable the Filemanager.

I hope this helps someone else who is fool enough to miss this menu selection. I didn’t see it mentioned in the instructions though and that’s my excuse (to myself) for this setup glitch. Bye for now..

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