Facebook.com and ‘Flirt’. Whats Happening here then?

29/05/2011 R Tyler 0 Comments

Just wondering if anyone else has seen this ‘glitch’ (I suspect more than a glitch though) with Facebook? I’m pretty new on the ‘book’ so I just wanted to see if anyone was looking up my featured website. When logging in, all of a sudden I’m presented with a ‘Flirt’ (advertisement perhaps?) which is requesting whether I would like to share my details with all and sundry. Fair enough I thought, at least they’re asking. But I decide I dont want to allow them permission to share my details and stuff so I click the button “Don’t allow”.

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The Facebook.com / Flirt prompt.
And what happens? The page refreshes and I’m still prompted to allow permission! Basically I’m stuck on this page which continues to prompt for Permission! 20 (Don’t Allow) clicks later and I’m still stuck on the page. Now just how many users would just click ‘Allow’ so they can carry on browsing, I wonder? I just closed the page and reentered my facebook account. Think I’ll give ‘flirt’ a miss, just for being a bit too insistent. Well wouldn’t you? Google

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