‘Drupal CMS’ file system – allowing upload of additional file types.

24/06/2008 R Tyler 0 Comments

If you’re a ‘Drupal’ Content Management System Administrator then this may be of some use to you. So, you need to allow upload of a different file type to those specified in the Drupal default configuration? In which case (if you’re having problems) you may well have already looked at this posting. Its entitled ‘allowing upload of all file types in Drupal’ :


When I did this there was no answer there, that I could see anyway. Don’t think I missed the solution in there, or did I? Anyway, I might be wrong but if you’d take a further look at the ‘Adminstration > Site Configuration> Upload’ file dialog box, it may be that in your haste to get the thing fixed, you just overlooked setting the three different user types listed there. Namely the ‘Administrator’, ‘Site Contributor’ and any other user you’ve defined to access your site.

Hope this tip helps someone — and saves the bit of frustration it caused me.

Google-Plus Oh, by the way, (Grandma and eggs come to mind) but please don’t allow the upload of executable or script files for the default (or new) user, as you might be helping to distribute some ‘Mal/Junk Ware’ or a Virus or two. Agreed?

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