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Someone contacted a client of mine (via junk mail as it turns out) claiming that their website was not registered in “most of the leading search engines and directories”, and offering to submit the site for a (shall we say) hefty fee in order to reap ‘Amazing business potential’. Well once this client got in touch with me I became very interested how this could be! I thought to myself “what proportion of these ‘other’ engines would make up the rest of the search engines in use in the U.K. given that I’d already submitted the site to Google, MSN, Yahoo and Hotbot. On looking into it I wasn’t particularly surprised to find these engines actually make up almost 97% of the entire market. So there you have it. Why pay more for ‘extra’ search engine submissions when you’re fairly well covered on your site with ‘The Four Tops’.

UK search engine statistics. Issued on 21/08/2008

Google continues dominating search engine market in the UK and Europe. After looking around various search engines statistics sources I came up with the following statistics figures.
  1. Google = 88.50%
  2. Yahoo = 4.09%
  3. MSN = 3.72%
  4. Other search engines = 3.69%
  • FACT: 93% of all online searches in UK begin with search engines.
  • FACT: 88% of all UK Internet users choose Google.
  • FACT: Only 7% of Internet users look past the first three pages of search results.
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